Ways to Give

Ways to Give

PTA’s purpose is to raise awareness, not funds. However, where parents, teachers, and staff have identified need, PTA and students have happily stepped up to find ways to fill gaps left due to large class sizes, limited funding, a need to stay relevant, or all of the above. These are some of the ways:

Events & Sales to cover expenses for Community Building and Enrichment events

Race for Excellence to provide two Math Aides & one Reading Aide per year (2016-17).

5th Grade Fundraising to enrich Graduation activities (Non-PTA fundraising)

Garden & Plant Sale to sustain the Belinder Gardens

Time & Talents for Staff Appreciation, Classroom Parents, and more!

Without fundraising, Belinder wouldn’t have an additional Math Aide, a Reading Aide AT ALL, or no-cost Field Trip Opportunities including 6th Grade Tall Oaks, 5th Grade School of Economics, and more. Coming in 2017-18, a School Counselor!

Aside from the necessity of fundraising, it’s become an engaging way to participate in the Belinder Elementary experience. Fundraising events are a fun way for your student to get involved and for you to meet other parents.

These events comprise the majority of Belinder’s funding: