Thank you for joining us in PTA!  Start Volunteering for your students! The classroom is always the best place to start; then, keep an eye out for ongoing available volunteer opportunities in the weekly PTA newsletter!

The Committee Chairperson Interest Form has expired. Please check back again next Spring!

5K & Fun Run:

Chairs coordinate with the City to approve race route and utilize a race service to help organize the event, collect registrations, local sponsors and recruit volunteers to help prepare for and work the day of the event. Time Commitment: LOW, except HIGH during weeks leading up to the event.

Art Display:

Chairs work with Art Teacher to plan and put up student artwork throughout the school year-round and for the Art Show at the end of the year. Time Commitment: LOW, except in Spring before Art Show.

Belinder Buddies:

Chairs pair new Belinder families up with existing Belinder families to help them acclimate to the school. Time Commitment: MEDIUM before school starts, and then LOW rest of year.

Belinder G.I.V.E.S.:

Chairs lead grade-level volunteers to plan and implement philanthropic activities and events for all grades. Time Commitment: HIGH at beginning of year, and then LOW rest of year.

Birthday Book Club:

Chairs collect enrollment forms and distribute books on students’ birthdays or half-birthdays during the lunch hour. Also, work with Librarian to select appropriate books for the library collection. Time Commitment: LOW.

Book Fair:

The co-chairs select and work with the book company to arrange the sale.  They will confirm dates and showroom space with the Principal.  They promote the event through PTA email, social media, etc. They handle the book sales with scheduled volunteers through sign-up genius, including set up and tear down.  Time Commitment: LOW, except HIGH during scheduled Book Fair, which generally occurs in October & February.

Box Tops (5th Grade):

Promote collection periods and organize incentives to top collecting classes. Organize and count box top labels and submit for revenue. Collections generally occur in October and February and may require volunteer helpers for cutting and counting.  Time Commitment: LOW, except HIGH when collecting and counting.


Chairs plan family-friendly evening Carnival event, collect registrations forms, distribute tickets, and recruit volunteers. Time Commitment: MEDIUM in Fall, then done for the rest of the year.

Chat & Chew:

Chairs read and collect books to be read per grade-level, recruit volunteers to lead groups and manage Chat & Chew library. Time Commitment: MEDIUM in Fall, then LOW through the end of April.

Chili Cook-Off:

Chair recruits chili chefs, organizes event, recruits judges, and purchases trophy/ribbons, cups/bowls, spoons, napkins etc. Time Commitment: MEDIUM in Fall, then done for the rest of the year.

Citizenship Essay:

Chair recruits entrants, reads and judges, then submits to the next level of the PTA contests. Time Commitment: LOW.


Chair collects Family contact information in Microsoft Excel, imports into Microsoft Access, then runs a report in the Directory layout to Microsoft Word for final formatting and tweaking before sending to print and distribution to all parents who ordered a hard copy. Email PDF versions to all families. Time Commitment: LOW.

Diversity & Inclusion:

Committee determines events/activities to propose scheduling throughout the year to promote and celebrate Diversity & Inclusion at Belinder and coordinates with Principal in the fall to determine what programs will be offered and possible dates.  The Chairperson forwards any setup information to school secretary/custodial staff for the day of the event.  Time Commitment: LOW to MEDIUM depending on the programming selection, spread throughout the year.

Fifth Grade Fundraising (rolls into) Sixth Grade Activities:

Chairperson (potentially with help of subcommittees and/or co-chairs) organizes fundraisers during the fifth-grade year to covers expenses and then arranges field trips,  entertainment, food, volunteers, shirts, etc. for 6th Grade party, traditionally held on the last day of school. They secure and turn in all invoices to be paid.  Time Commitment: LOW in the fall, MEDIUM in the spring, HIGH on the day of the event.  

Golf Tournament:

Chairperson acts as Belinder Liaison for Big Nine tournament committee, collects players and sponsors and then works the day of the event at the Tournament. Time Commitment: LOW in Winter, then MEDIUM in month or two leading up to the tournament.

Plant Sale & Grounds Beautification:

Chairs are responsible for planting and maintaining the outdoor pots and beds in the fall and spring and organizing additional beautification projects as needed and approved by Principal and District.  In addition, the chairs move and split the plants around as needed and maintain vegetable gardens throughout the summer. Time Commitment: LOW except for preparation for the annual Plant Sale that pays for plantings, work can be spread out through volunteers.


Chair works with Art Teacher to encourage student participation, advertises in the PTA newsletter and Facebook, and collects entries to submit to contest. Time Commitment: LOW.

Rocking Reading Week:

Chairs plan and implement activities and evening events to encourage reading amongst students and their families. Time Commitment: MEDIUM during planning in the Winter, then HIGH during the week of events.

School Pictures:

Chairs help on picture days twice a year to guide students and keep the process efficient so students and teachers can get back to class. Time Commitment: LOW.

School Supply Sale:

The chair is responsible for arranging the School Supply sale kits for students.  They work with the teachers to confirm their lists and preferred brands.  The sale dates and online link are posted on Facebook, Website, email, and letters home.  The Chair and volunteer helpers get kits to students (picked up at the event) or to the class (if they are not picked up).  Time Commitment: HIGH before the school year starts and during event.

Senior Reunion:

Chair should be the parent of a graduating Senior who attended Belinder. He/She gathers contact info on all graduating seniors/Belinder alum, coordinates for a group picture, and plans for a Reunion event at the school. Time Commitment: LOW to MEDIUM at various times through year.

Skating/SkyZone Parties:

Chairperson is responsible for securing Skate City school parties and SkyZone party. These typically occur on an early release day in the fall and winter. They arrange to set up with the locations and promote the event on Facebook, Website, email, and letters home.  Time Commitment: LOW.

SMAC Clothing Exchange:

Chairperson picks up clothes/donations collected in the SMAC Clothing bin in the front lobby of the school and delivers to the SMAC Clothing Exchange as needed throughout the year. Time Commitment: LOW.

Spirit Wear:

Chairperson is responsible for ordering various spirit wear items for students to be sold online and at school events.  They are responsible for arranging parent volunteers to assist in selling at events.  The chair is responsible for turning in receipts to pay vendors and making deposits. The chair may use email, social media, etc. to advertise sales and items.   Time Commitment: LOW to MEDIUM depending on inventory needs and selling opportunities.

Staff Appreciation:

Chairs are in charge of Staff Appreciation Breakfast, Lunches and other events including Teacher Appreciation Week.  Chairs coordinate all parent donations through sign-up genius and set up events.  Time Commitment: LOW

Transition Together (6th Grade):

Chair should be a 6th-grade parent and he/she coordinates with a 7th-grade parent (Belinder family) at Indian Hills Middle School to organize the speaker panel for 6th-graders to learn about what to expect in middle school. Time Commitment: LOW.


Chair is responsible for compiling pictures from the year to design the school yearbook.  A link can be sent to parents and teachers to submit photographs.  The chairs work with the company (currently Inter-State) to finalize the design. Time Commitment: LOW and then MEDIUM in early spring when yearbook is finalized.


There are two types of volunteer groups in the Shawnee Mission School District as distinguished by the areas in which they may be working or the tasks with which they are assisting.  MVPs, identified as Tier I, volunteers in a capacity in which they have direct contact with students, either individually or in groups.  Examples may include tutor, mentor (inside or outside the classroom setting), chaperone on school-sponsored trips, etc.  The other volunteer group, identified as Tier II, volunteers essentially in a non-student contact capacity or in a capacity in which they will be under the direct supervision of a district staff member at all times. Examples may include:  front office/copy center volunteer, bulletin board or classroom material volunteer, committee volunteer, etc.

Tier I MVP volunteers complete an application, attend a short training that touches on important areas including standards of conduct, importance of maintaining confidentiality, etc., acknowledge they have received the training by signing the standards of conduct, and complete a fingerprint background screen.  Volunteers are screened and trained free of charge.

Tier II volunteers are coordinated directly at Belinder through the general visitor process and the PTA. (The district recently implemented the Raptor visitor management systems at each building in the district.  This system will do basic screenings for anyone coming into the building but are not as thorough as the fingerprint screening.)

Please fill out the quick and easy form above to volunteer at Belinder Elementary in either a Tier I or a Tier II capacity.  If you think you would be interested in volunteering in a Tier I capacity, you may go ahead and click here to apply through the SMSDistrict, or e-mail volunteer@smsd.org, or call Katie Hendrickson at (913) 993-6411 for more information.  High school students interested in volunteering in elementary schools should contact the SMSDistrict directly.

Belinder values the service that PTA volunteers provide and the important role they play in supporting our students, teachers and staff.  For that reason, we are working to achieve the important goal of having best practices with regard to safety for both the students and the volunteers along with the goal of making this as accessible as possible for the volunteers.

Parent and community volunteers at Belinder Elementary are a vital resource.  Volunteers help ensure that Belinder teachers and staff have ample time and opportunity to give each child the attention they need and deserve while still providing enrichment opportunities for the entire class.