Race for Excellence

Race for Excellence

Race for Excellence is the fundraising initiative administered by Belinder Elementary PTA which pays for the salaries of additional teachers and/or specialists not paid for by the Shawnee Mission School District.  These positions, deemed by Belinder teachers and staff to be the most important areas PTA could support, positively impact every student at Belinder.

Race for Excellence pays entire salaries for these positions at Belinder for the 2017-18 School Year:

  • One (1) Reading Aide
  • One (1) Math Aide
  • One (1) School Counselor

If your child meets with one or more of these specialists, the impact is obvious.  Even if your child does not meet with the reading or math aides, they are still positively affected.  Students receiving these services perform better in the classroom which allows teachers to spend more time and energy focused on all children.

Please consider the importance of these positions and programs at Belinder when donating to Race for Excellence and Trivia Night & Auction.  Every dollar counts and every dollar is used wisely to benefit every student at Belinder Elementary.

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