Members of the Belinder community are mourning the loss of Rich Nitsch, the school parent and volunteer known for going out of his way to lend a hand where needed most. Belinder mom Marilee Allison shared this remembrance: For the majority of my son’s time at Belinder, he had Mr. Nitsch visiting him weekly. Bringing him lunch, hanging out at recess, making my son feel special. I remember the first time he spoke of Mr. Nitsch. He actually started by calling him Mr. Rich, and then confused me when he changed it later on to Mr. Nitsch. He got very frustrated with me because IRead More →

As you may be aware, on February 7th Alex Rutiaga and two others were in a terrible automobile accident. Alex Rutiaga, former Belinder Brave and brother to current Belinder second grader Gabe Rutiaga, sustained serious and life threatening injuries. Alex has numerous broken bones, has required several blood transfusions, and will need months of physical therapy to regain his strength and agility. His family has spent many days away from their jobs to be with Alex while he was in the hospital. The medical bills are staggering and overwhelming. Alex is now home and is recuperating. He needs constant care due to his injuries whichRead More →

It’s that time of year again when we ask for your valued opinions and feedback regarding PTA programs, fundraisers, and use of funds. The survey is a little more comprehensive each year, and we really want your participation so we can continually improve your PTA. Please expect to spend about 5 minutes on this year’s survey, and please respond no later than March 7. You can take the survey here.Read More →