April 18, 2018, during Family Math Night Call to Order Approval of Minutes from September 19, 2017, Fall General Membership Meeting Principal’s Report – Steve Yeoman President’s Report – Bonnie Limbird Presentation and Voting of 2018-19 Race for Excellence Fund Use Recommendation Reports of Officers VP of Programs – Summer Henry VP of Membership – Amy Haulmark VP of Ways and Means – Sarah Thelen VP of Enrichment – Lisa Hardy Legislative Liaison – Aaron Roberts Secretary – Lysa Little & Tracy Dillon Member-at-Large, K-4 – Annie Flurry Member-at-Large, 5-6 – Ashley Fillmore & Kelly Martucci President-Elect – Addie Perry Past President/Nominating chair – CindyRead More →

As the 2017-18 school year and my time as PTA President nears an end, I want to thank all of the parents who have served with me on the Executive Committee, Walkathon committee, and Spiritwear committee as mentors, partners, and successors. Transitioning from a full-time to a part-time working mom, I felt embraced and welcomed into a PTA committee as soon as I communicated that I would be available to do more in the Fall of 2013. Beginning as a Walkathon Co-chair, then segueing into Secretary, I quickly learned the ins and outs of what PTA was doing, and those serving with me were endlessly patientRead More →

The Kansas Supreme Court Gannon 5 decision last summer said that the school funding formula was inadequately funded, and contained 4 points of Constitutional inequity. The general consensus among those across the education community was that around $600-$700 million in new funding, phased in over about 3 years would likely address funding inadequacy, but there was pushback from those who didn’t want to add this kind of funding. Lawmakers said that courts required them to “show their work”, so House & Senate leadership commissioned another study, rather than adjusting the most recent one done in 2006 for inflation. The recent Lori Taylor / WestEd study foundRead More →