Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education



BTFE is an easy and fun way for students to get involved in helping their school raise funds for the “little things”.  Much like digging in the sofa or in your pants pockets for loose change, BTFE individually don’t have much value, only $.10. But collect 100 BTFE, and get all of your peers to each collect 100 BTFE, and all of a sudden Belinder students can raise $5,000.00!  That’s no small chunk of change.

Belinder’s BTFE collection goal for each year is 20,000. That’s $2,000.00 for Belinder Elementary to help pay for various programs and expenses.

Click here for a Box Tops Collection sheet.

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Box Tops Quick Facts:

Box Tops is one of America’s largest school earnings loyalty programs.

Over 80,000 k-8 schools participate.

Schools can use Box Tops cash to buy whatever they need.

You can send Box Tops to school anytime.

Each Box Top is worth 10¢ for your school.

Box Tops earnings are sent out to schools twice a year, in December and in April.


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Box Tops Partners:

General Mills

Land O’ Lakes®





Horizon® Organics


Click here for the official Belinder Elementary Box Tops Collection Sheet.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions for the Belinder Elementary Box Tops for Education committee, please click here.  If you would like to volunteer to help out or lead the Box Tops for Education committee, please click here.