Fifth graders thank PTA for making trip to School of Economics possible

Fifth graders thank PTA for making trip to School of Economics possible

Belinder PTA’s general fundraising efforts each year at events like Walkathon (and in the future, the Brave Run 5K) enable us to support things like one PTA-funded field trip per grade level each year. This year the 5th-grade class went to School of Economics.

School of Economics provides high-quality, full-day field trip experiences for elementary school students where business and financial principles are put into practice using well-developed programs that keep students interested and engaged in the learning process. Learn more at their website link above.

PTA was lucky enough to receive thank you notes from some of those 5th-graders to share with our membership. Here are just two:

Dear P.T.A.,
School of Economics was an experience I will remember forever! Thank you so, so much for the opportunity to go to the School of Economics! I had so much fun! We all had a blast! We sold crafts and really good food! There was lots of Kool-aid there! There was an accounting firm, a bank, and lots of cool, different regional, shops.
This was the best field trip I ever went on, in any grade! I deeply appreciate how kind and thoughtful you were to give that money to the fifth grade for everyone to go to the School of Economics. I know my mom had a blast too, so thank you.
Caroline Martucci


Dear PTA,
Thank you for paying for us to go to the school of economics. I had such a good time. Our business was extremely successful. I loved it so much that I would go every day all day 24/7. We had a great time and have a great rest of the week.
Stephen Bubb

So, these Thank Yous go to each and every PTA member and family who has participated in any fundraiser this year! Every little bit counts, and the students are so appreciative. Thank you so all much!!