Shop Amazon Smile

Shop Amazon Smile

amazon-smile-imageDid you know that by ordering from Amazon you can not only get anything in the world in 2 days, but you can help raise money for Belinder too?! Sign up to shop Amazon Smile for Belinder! Simply do your shopping through Amazon Smile and 0.5% of your purchase will be donated to Belinder. It’s easy!

Follow the steps below:
Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Sign in and Choose Your Charity

In the “Pick your own charitable organization” box, type Belinder. Hit the search button and choose PTA Kansas Congress of Parents and Teahcers (yes, with the typo) from the list. Right now Amazon Smiles lists our organization as PTA Kansas Congress rather than Belinder because we are a subsidy under the larger Kansas PTA organization. If you click on the “about” button, it will describe the Belinder PTA organization.

Once you select PTA Kansas Congress of Parents and Teahcers, your Amazon Smile account is now linked to benefit Belinder PTA whenever you shop through the Amazon Smile website. After placing an order through Amazon Smile, a message appears on your order confirmation screen to show you that your order benefited the PTA Kansas Congress of Parents and Teacher.

Step 3: Bookmark and use it to shop on Amazon.

Thank you for supporting Belinder!